Dog Water Bottle All in 1 Universal Pet Water Dispenser

About this item

  • 【All in 1 Multi-function】: Are you still worrying about too much burden when travelling with a dog? Don't worry, our newest multifunctional 4-in-one pet water bottle can meet all your needs. The portable dog travel water bottle has 4 functions for water, food, shovel and garbage bag. No more thirst and hunger for your fur friends when going outside, while making it easier for you to clean up its poop. The ideal choice for traveling with a dog.
  • 【Intimate Design】: Unlike ordinary dog travel bottles, ours not only has a large O-shaped drinking trough and food storage that can satisfy all size of dogs, but also adds poop collection shovel and garbage bag storage. Try to think: dog suddenly poops while walking but you didn't carry a garbage bag, it's so embarrassing. With this design, you can directly take out the shovel and put it on the dog waste bag for use. Buckle it on the bottle when no need, what a convenient and decent design!
  • 【Easy to Use &Leak-proof】: One-key lock/open design, you can operate this dog water bottle with one hand. Just press the button to the middle (low flow rate) or bottom (high flow rate) to fill water, and press to the top to stop. Unfinished water can flow back into the bottle. The sealed silicone gasket and lock in the bottle cap can ensure that water does not leak from the bottle, no need to worry about getting the travel bag wet.
  • 【Safe and Convenient】:The portable dog water bottle is made of premium food-grade silicone and PC materials, lead-free, BPA-free, safe and durable, no harm for pet's health. Each part can be disassembled, and you can choose to install it according to your purpose. Very easy to clean, you can rinse directly with water and wipe dry.
  • 【Suit for All Needs】: This dog travel water bottle will make your travel, hiking, walking, picnic become a more perfect journey. Comes with a light weight lanyard which is convenient enough to carry around. Your satisfaction is our first priority. We offer a 100% satisfaction for each customer. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out our service team for help to solve the question.

All in 1 Universal Dog Water Bottle Portable Dog Travel Water Dispenser with Drinking/Food Bowl and Potty Waste Bag for Travel, Hiking, Walking

Why do you need this Multifunctional Dog Water Bottle?

1. It can meet your dog's needs for water during daily walks. When you carrry it, dogs can say goodbye to thirst and unhealthy water.

2. The portable dog bowl with a food storage which allows your dog to hike, camp, and travel without feeling hungry.

3. The shovel and garbage bag on the portable dog water bottle can easily solve the dog's poop in the outdoors. When you have it, there is no longer need to carry extra garbage bags and other items for cleaning.

Now say goodbye to carry with a pet bottle and a bowl and many other stuff when traveling with your pets! This all in 1 portable dog water bottle can make you and your dog have a ease and happy journey!

*Each part of the all-in-1 multifunctional pet water bottle is detachable, you can choose to install it according to your needs, either with or without a food bowl.

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