Cat Toys, Automatic Moving Ball Bundle Classic Mice

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  • 【Cat everyday's fun】cats busy to chase,pounce hunt irregular moving ball, make great daily fun. Migipaws upgrade cat ball size less than 2 inches.
  • 【DIY N in 1 cat toys】Automatic moving ball + classic mice cat toy + nature feather Kitten toys in pack, Tie electric ball with plush mice or feather. Activated ball pull feather tail, mice irregular moving like real wildlife , Stir cat's hunting instincts, making fabulously enjoyment.
  • 【Smart interactive ball】Design in motion sensor detecting Cat interact with ball, Cat ball automatic rolling & moving and stop. Cats play toy to wake up ball moving. No more trouble you switch toy on-off again and again
  • 【USB rechargeable】Upgrade to rechargeable battery inside by USB charging cable as accessory. No need paid extra money to buy battery.
  • 【Mate of cats】Cat, kitten, kitty could solo or teams play Migipaws pet balls for long times, Kitten could play ball with colorful LED in dark. All materials are safety for cats.

Migipaws Cat ball Toys, Interactive Cat Toys, Automatic Cat Soccer Bundle Classic Feather and Mice Kitten Toys, DIY Pets Smart Electric Teaser

Migipaws cat soccer makes great fun

Chasing, Exercising, Pouncing, Making Great Fun

Nanjing Dimeng Technology Co., Ltd.(DMtech) is professional pet toys design and manufacturer since 2007. DMtech engineering teams takes 3 years to design and development Patent product: Migipaws cat ball toy, TRANSFORMERS, it is smart interactive cat toy with microprocessor chip, sensor, electric motor, gearbox, rechargeable, intelligence software to drive ball irregular rolling,Zigzag moving, Automatic interactive with cats.

Migipaws cat soccer toyshave passed over 10,000 cats playing and testing before launch Amazon USA store. Over 98% cats really love to play Migipaws cat toys ball. Innovation DIY bundle plush mice or feather tail mimic real small anamal activities.


Most cats are so clever like child. For keep cats long term interesting playing a toy, suggest offer cat play one kind of cat toy about 0.5-1 hour each time.

it is better to change different toys for your cats in each day

Catch exciting the moment of Feline swiftness telent to play soccer

cat toys balls interactive automatic moving rolling best active self play motorized electric

Feline swift play fast rolling ball: chasing, pounce, acrobatic attacks

Great exercise for Catsshow feline swiftness talent, stimulating cats instincts: patient watch, chevy, pounce. hunting the Zigzag rolling ball. Fast break, tackle,dribbling…Migipaws cat's ball toy let you to catch your cats nature sport moments like product video shown

Migipaws Make Great Fun to Your Cats and Family

 make cat enjoyments happy solve cat lonely,lazy by sport

Migipaws Innovation DIY Cat Ball Mice Feather Toys Create Fun to your Cats and Family

Cat, kitten, kitty could solo or teams play Migipaws cat toys for long times, for all age cats. All materials are safety for cats play.

30 seconds automatic standby, cat toy wake up to move while cat play ball. Cat ball smart interact with cats by design in motion sensor inside.

Cats could self paly Migipaws cat ball as kittens like to.

Cat Toys Balls DIY Bundle Mice and Feather tail Make Great Fun for Your Cats

innovation cat toys funny cool fun smart motorized moving

Ball Mice Feather Cat Toys TRANSFORMERS

Each of ball, mice , feather is one of most favorite toy for cat/kittens.

Tie Mice or feather with rolling ball, fast rolling and moving ball pulls mice/feather, Mimic mice or small animal activities. Stir cat's hunting instincts, stimulating cat chase DIY new cat toys: moving mice, active feather or put into a box or paper bag and so on. You can tied another small cat toy with Migipaws cat ball, DIY total new cat toys like a TRANSFORMERS.

Migipaws cat ball application scenairos shown as product video. Cat have a great fun with Migipaws cat ball!

Easy to use, Rechargeable save money, DIY variously new toys for cats

Migipaws cat ball automatic interact with cat smart cat toys

Automatic On-Off, Smart interactive by motion sensor, USB rechargeable

  • Charging ball till LED off at first. Charge power 5V1A
  • Press button 1-2 second to turn on-off toy.
  • Pat to activate the cat ball toy
  • irregular Zigzag rolling and moving 30 seconds then standby.
  • motion sensor detect cat interact cat ball toy, wake up ball rolling and moving.
  • RGB colorful LED adding fun to cat in day and night.
  • make various fun by DIY caty toys, simply tie mice, feather accessory or other light plush toys, catnip toys, ball.... Migipaws cat ball pull classic cat toys moving irregular like a real small animal.

innovation design smaller size  ball for cats

Ball dimenson size less than 2 inches

Smaller size ball good for cats play funny!

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Adding More Fun DIY tie Accessory feather , mice as new moving cat toys Durable feather refills DIY holes at packing box toy for cats, put in accessory Mylar ball, Butterfly,feather exchangeable DIY holes at packing box toy for cats , put in accessory ball box Plush ball with catnip, Rabbit tail exchangeable
Automatic Programming 3 mins irregular roll and stop interval 5mins irregular pop out 10mins irregular pop out 5mins irregular rotation, rolling, stop interval 5mins irregular moving and stop interval 15mins irregular pop out
Automatic turn on with Motion sensor Shake or pat 5 inch distance sensor 30 inch distance sensor Shake or pat Shake or pat working 15 mins every 4 hours
Power rechargeable battery iinside rechargeable battery iinside rechargeable battery iinside 2*AA battery(not include) rechargeable battery iinside 3*AA battery(not include)

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